Sunday, 14 June 2015

A career to dye for

Careers in chemistry
Really, what in this world, isn’t chemistry? There’s so much to explore and you’ll never be bored in this department, so why not turn your passion into your daily life—and get paid for it? 

There are many interesting and unexpected career choices in the vast world of chemistry. One that caught my eye was dye chemists! Dye Chemists analyze and improve dyes. From clothing dyes, to nail polish, to food dyes, these chemists test and create them! Their main purpose is to find a recipe to create durable, consistent, pigmented, dyes with less side effects. You’ll never go through a day without being in contact with at least one object which has dye in it. So of course, we’ll always be in need of dyes. With the fast pacing industry the search for better and more sustainable pigments. 

I personally think this career is such an interesting choice! Who wouldn’t want to conduct research on new ways to improve colour—a large part of our everyday lives! What do you think? Do you think that this is really a good amount of time spent or is there other more seemingly important matters? 

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  1. Being an artistic person, colour is very important to me. Colour chemists are one of those jobs that you don’t think of but obviously have to exist. You don’t realize how much dye is used. Looking around literally everything is dyed. I feel that this is a very valid charier. Not only are you making every ones lives brighter and more colourful but safer by developing safer dyes. I know how harmful dyes can be so any way to make them safer is a huge plus. I never thought of this as a career (because I didn’t know it existed) but now I am intrigued. Great post!